I say fun times because I’m being a tad sarcastic. Seems a hacker had had some control over what went on on my site for a couple of months. Posting all sorts of spammy scammy things. When I finally found it, the damage was done. Nothing else to do but wipe the site off the face of the WWW and start over.

Which is a good thing in a way. It woke me up to how lax I’ve been in the maintenance end of it all for one thing. And for another, it may motivate me to come post more often. Maybe share some thoughts about books I’m reading, as well as the writing life.

In any case, it’ll take me a day or so to get it all the way I like it. I’m using a new theme which requires a learning curve. I’m not terribly techy but I’m not a total newb either. We’ll see how it goes.

Did you all view the eclipse from where you were? We got a glimpse of it here. Was pretty cool!